• It is a common belief that after any major operation, the patient needs to stay hospitalised for many days.  However, the modern trend is to discharge patients very early after surgery.  Many patients may be sent home within a few hours after surgery while most children, even after major operations do not need hospitalisation for more than 4 to 5 days.  This trend has numerous advantages which include the following :

*   Children are much more happy and comfortable in their own home environment
*   Reduced risk of hospital aquired infections
*   Reduction in cost
*   Reduced inconvenience to parents and relatives



  • It is a common belief that most operations require prolonged use of intravenous fluids as well as  strong antibiotics and other medicines.  In fact, it is often believed that the more the medicines used, the faster the recovery.  These are misconceptions.  The modern trend is toward minimal use of  intravenous fluids as well as antibiotics.  Most clean operations need only one dose of antibiotic while many major operations also need only short course of simple antibiotic given orally as far as possible.  This trend has numerous advantages which include the following :

*    Reduced pain and discomfort to the child
*    Reduced risk of side effects due to drugs
*    Reduced risk of becoming resistant to drugs requiring even more strong medicines in future
*    Reduction in  cost



  • :  Many people including some Doctors believe that children do not feel much pain and even if they do, it is good for them ( they believe that it makes them stronger !) and that it is quite acceptable for a child to cry.   However, most of these people would themselves not be able to tolerate any pain at all.  In the modern age, with numerous new developments, it is rarely necessary for a child to suffer from pain, even after minor surgery.  Special anesthetic agents can be given during surgery to make the recovery from surgery practically painless.  Post operatively also, there are ways of ensuring that a child does not unnecessarily suffer from pain.  Pain can have several long term impacts on a  child's brain and makes a  child detest medical treatment and even may prevent him from bringing to his parents notice, some serious complaint  just from the fear of the pain associated with medical treatment.



  • Gone are the days when the skin after an operation is closed with sutures that need removal.  In the majority of operations, skin is now closed with special sutures placed in a way that does not require removal and needs practically no dressing.  In fact, in most cases, the child should be able to have a bath two days  after the operation.  There is no need to worry about infections occuring due to the contact of  water.